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09-12-13 | Posted by

Since it arrived on U.S. shores, elure has taken the anti-aging skincare category by storm. A favorite among beauty editors, as well as dermatologists and plastic surgeons, elure breaks up skin discoloration and dark spots with a patented formula based on a naturally occurring enzyme. In fact, ALLURE just selected elure for a Best of Beauty Skincare Award for the third year in a row under the category: ANTI-AGER FOR DISCOLORATION. InStyle and Essence also singled out elure for an award in previous years too.

Here is the best news – Syneron Medical is now offering an amazing deal on elure to reward all of its loyal fans! They have introduced the NEW elure Advanced Brightening Lotion in a larger 45 mL size (which is 50% MORE product) for only $125 (or $25 LESS than the original). So you will get more elure for less – when does that ever happen?

What makes elure work so well? The magic bullet is their patented Melanozymeâ„¢ technology, which is a naturally occurring mushroom-derived enzyme that works to brighten skin safely and effectively. Melanozymeâ„¢ breaks down existing discoloration, without the irritation and side effects of harsh prescription drugs, working to dissolve existing pigment rather than stopping cells from generating more pigment, which is how hydroquinone and many other ingredients work. “Elure represents a real breakthrough in skin care because it effectively decreases excess melanin,” says San Antonio TX Dermatologist Dr. Vivian Bucay. “It is well-tolerated by all skin types, even sensitive skin, and patients report brighter and more even skin tone.”

You will see a noticeable change in your complexion in about four weeks, and optimal results in eight to twelve weeks. Expect greater radiance, smoother texture, firmer tone, and overall younger looking skin!

According to Lincolnshire IL Dermatologist Amy Taub, “This new sizing and pricing makes it even easier and more affordable to maintain the age-reversing benefits of elure for an even toned and luminous complexion.”

There is a new lower price for elure Advanced Face Wash and Advanced Brightening Night Cream too. The NEW elure system consists of three formulas:

  • elure Advanced Face Wash: Lathers into a rich and creamy foam that removes dirt and dead skin cells, and preps the skin for the Lotion or Cream. ($35)
  • elure Advanced Brightening Lotion: Melanozymeâ„¢ brightens, softens, and retexturizes skin morning and night. (45 mL for $125)
  • elure Advanced Brightening Night Cream: Also with Melanozymeâ„¢ to brighten and provide a mega dose of hydration. (50 mL for $125)

elure is sold through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and aesthetic providers – Find elure at elureskin.com. 

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