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08-28-13 | Posted by

How can you not fall in love with Australian import Poppy King—the self made Lipstick Queen! She is one lady who deserves a group “attagirl!” Obsessed with finding the perfect shade of lipstick, she started her company in 1991 when she was only 18 and followed her dream to become one of the biggest beauty brands down under. Poppy’s perseverance has inspired women to wear their lipstick proudly—and she is certainly not shy about developing bold shades with big personality for a woman with confidence.

My first introduction to Lipstick Queen was through the brand’s Oxymoron—a lip and cheek creation in perfect neutral tones. She calls it a lip-cheek rouge, and it is intended to pair with a deep tone lipstick for enhancing cheeks, but I have worn it with all my other rose, pink, and tawny shades. I love the multitasking premise of Oxymoron and all the shades are wearable and look good on pretty much every skin tone.

Poppy’s newest launch is certainly not demure. Called Velvet Rope, she has created a Hollywood glam lipstick that is densely pigmented for a long lasting silky matte color. Think Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, and Marilyn. The shades are deep and striking, but the texture is light and lovely. They go on matte but keep lips soft and are sure to get you noticed.

The magic bullet of the Velvet Rope collection is silicone elastomer with the addition of candelilla and carnauba wax and beeswax along with vitamin E and moisturizing apricot oil. Her other secret ingredient is the inclusion of a hint of peppermint oil that leaves the wearer refreshed. The case is brilliant gold with a square deco design, and looks like fine jewelry of the sort you might expect to find in Cartier’s window. The design has a magnetic closure that is sure to please. We love Velvet Rope as the perfect evening companion to throw into the tiniest black satin minaudiere. This is truly a lipstick that will make any girl feel sexy and feminine.

Choose from five super intense shades: Private Party hot pink, Brat Pack red, Entourage purply wine, Black Tie deep red, and Star System, the ever popular nude. Velvet Rope is $50 a pop, so it’s not for everyone but it is definitely high impact. Go ahead and treat yourself!

Available at lipstickqueen.com.


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