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Posted by 02.07.09


LA MER THE LIP BALM – I have a confession to make. Although I can’t really justify spending so much ($45) on a lip balm, this is my absolute favorite.  The subtle greenish yellow color, the soft texture, and the smell and taste of it – gooey, minty, almost sweet – speaks to me.  Since there is no SPF and no color, it is really not ideal as a daytime product. It is best suited for night time use. It’s also not a good size to carry around in your bag – comes in a flat round jar that is much wider in circumference than a typical lip balm. These traits render it for me an unnecessary luxury. 

FINAL VERDICT – ICW (It Can Wait) – It’s lovely for sure, but I can’t get around the price, and if you’re going to invest in La Mer, the emulsion or the foundation are better investments that just a lip balm.

2 Responses to “THE LIP BALM IS THE BOMB”

  1. needitbad Says:

    Wow! $45 for a lip balm is a lot. I think I’ll stick with Blisstex for $2.99.

  2. gwg Says:

    I have had a personal mission to find the best lip balm. Expensive, and cheap. Drugstore and high end. The best I have found so far at a reasonable price is Rosebud Salve and Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss or Superbalm Lip Treatment. Both good. I also love Benefit Lipscription – both the exfoliator and the lip balm.

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