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09-18-19 | Posted by

The term cellulite was penned in the 1960s, from the French word cellule or ‘small cell.’ Leave it to the French to put a name to what most women (or like 99%) experience at some point in their lives. The prevalence of these estrogen-related lumps and bumps makes them no less frustrating. There’s no shortage of purported solutions—ranging from creams and lotions to office-based treatments—but none have proven to be a “magic bullet” that improves the appearance of cellulite for the long-term.

Based on the proven effectiveness of its muscle-sculpting sibling, EmSculpt, the launch of BTL’s Emtone is poised to change the cellulite game. According to Miami dermatologist Dr. Mariano Busso, “Emtone is the first device that simultaneously delivers thermal radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy, and these two types of energy complement each other in combating cellulite.” Simply put, the mechanical action compromises the rigid collagen fibers that tether the skin to underlying tissue and allow pockets of fat to bulge outward. This makes them more receptive to the radiofrequency’s heat, which works to remodel this damaged collagen and prompt the production of new, healthy, more flexible collagen and elastin fibers (and overall renewed skin elasticity). Even more, this “renovation” of the skin’s support structure allows for enhanced blood flow that helps eliminate the build-up of cellular waste that is believed to contribute to cellulite as well. Dr Busso explains, “Emtone addresses all of the underlying causes of cellulite to provide significant improvement without any downtime—and reduces fat.”



During Emtone, a gel is applied and a handpiece is moved in circular motions over the treatment area. Dr. Busso shares, “It feels like a warm massage. Each session lasts 20 minutes [per area] and a series of four sessions within two weeks is generally recommended—and improvement can begin to be seen almost immediately.”

There are other office-based cellulite treatments that incorporate multiple modalities (i.e. energy-based heat and massage), but the key difference with Emtone is that the heat and mechanical pressure are delivered at the same time. This approach has proven to yield a higher increase in skin collagen, elastin and skin thickness as little as one month after four weekly Emtone treatments.

If you’re wondering what this means for the actual results you can expect, 93% of patients showed a visible reduction in cellulite three months after treatment, as well as an average 2.2 cm reduction in thigh circumference. Most importantly, more than 90% of patients were satisfied with the skin-smoothing results, which are generally visible faster as compared with other professional cellulite treatments.

To find an Emtone practice near you, visit Emtone

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