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03-19-15 | Posted by

If you were privy to the Spring 2015 runway shows then you know how strongly statement brows are trending. Unfortunately, thick brows aren’t so easy to come by, especially in those whose hormones have already started to decline causing hair to thin in general, including the brows. Full, strong brows actually frame and help define your eyes, giving your face a younger, fresher appearance but this doesn’t mean you can let them grow and go and forget them. They still need to be well-shaped to open up your face and make your eyes look bigger.

If your brows are over plucked, sparse or thinning, you can certainly fake it with brow pencils, powders, pomades and the like. To fatten them up, choose to color in with one shade lighter than your hair color and fill in patches with light, feathery strokes that mimic real hair before gently blending.



Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil ($29) makes it easy to get a natural finish. Simply fill in, blend and brush.



Ramy Perfect Brow Wand ($28) has a waterproof, universally flattering taupe shade on one side and a shimmery brow highlighter on the other.



Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow ($20) combines a creamy-gel texture with a long-lasting formula that’s smudge-proof and lasts all day.



These and other great brow products can certainly mask disappearing brows but like all makeup, it stays on your washcloth or goes down the drain when you cleanse your face at night. If you’re looking for a little more longevity you’ll want to give professional brow extensions a try; it’s the hottest thing in the beauty right now! They’ll stay put for approximately 3 weeks or more and look completely natural.

At Blink Bar in Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC your brows are cleaned up and if necessary, dyed darker so they stand out a bit more. Then single silk hairs that match your brows are glued on to existing hairs as extensions. First time clients will pay $170, but maintenance drops down to $60 per visit after your initial visit. 




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