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04-18-17 | Posted by

Our hands really take a beating over the course of a day, and many of these assaults affect their look and feel over both the short- and long-term. From sun exposure and harsh chemicals to hot water, bacteria and beyond, these environmental factors can lead to dryness and cracking as well as visible signs of aging like age spots and crepey skin. Applying your facial skincare products (and sunscreen in particular) on the backs of your hands is a great way to keep them looking healthy and youthful, but arming yourself with these hand-care essentials is a sure-fire way to keep them in tip-top shape.

Karité Shea Butter Crème Mains ($36)
All hand creams are not created equal, and this one stands out from the pack thanks to a blend of raw, unrefined shea butter from Ghana, organic coconut oil and sustainably-sourced palm oil. With a high concentration of vitamin A, vitamin E and essential fatty acids as well as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits, this non-toxic dermatologist-developed hand cream soothes, protects and hydrates without the use of parabens, silicone, dyes or other potentially irritating ingredients.


Exuviance Age Reverse Hand Rejuvenator ($65)
If you love how fresh and smooth your face feels after a peel, why not let your hands get in on the action? This nightly anti-aging treatment starts with applying a 10% citric acid peel solution with a cotton ball before slathering on a cream formulated with potent ingredients that work to improve discoloration and skin firmness (which is applied once again in the morning). Just be sure to use SPF while using this product since AHAs can make the skin more sensitive to the sun—and to protect your results.


Hand MD Restorative Duo ($60)
This two-step daily treatment starts with a retinol- and peptide-infused serum to keep fresh, healthy-looking cells on the surface while promoting the collagen production that maintains skin plumpness (and prevents that crepey appearance). Step two employs a nourishing moisturizer formulated with protective antioxidants to help ward off further damage—and keep skin happy and hydrated, of course.


Londontown Regenerating Nail Serum ($25)
Since your nails and cuticles play a role in the overall appearance of your hands, it’s important to keep them healthy and strong as well (especially if you’re a fan of gel manicures). Used over polish or on its own, just a pump of this vitamin-packed serum promotes optimal nail growth as it hydrates dry skin and cuticles. You can use it as often as needed and as an added bonus, it instantly makes your manicure look like new.


Bloxsun Sun Gloves ($40)
The hands are especially prone to sun damage since most of us are less-than-diligent about applying sunscreen—and you don’t even realize the amount of UV exposure they get just from driving. These discreet nude UPF 50+ gloves are fingerless so you can enjoy full iPhone access, and they have little rubber non-slip dots to ensure you always have a grip on whatever you may be holding.


LAFCO Present Perfect Revitalizing Liquid Wash ($24)
Yes, your hand soap really does matter, and these aesthetically-pleasing pumps are made with natural cleansing agents, argan oil, aloe vera and rice proteins to hydrate, soothe and prevent moisture loss—and with eight available scents, at least one is sure to strike your fancy. (And it looks really fancy next to your sink, too.)


NOTE: Karité Shea Butter, Exuviance, Londontown and Hand MD products were provided for review. All other products were purchased or sampled in store. Opinions are my own.

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