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03-05-19 | Posted by

Thanks to Baby Foot Original Exfoliation Foot Peel growing numbers of people are putting their best feet forward on the Internet via ‘foot selfies’ along with praise about the product’s “gross, yet amazing” results.

With more than 11, 300 ratings of which 60% are of the five-star ilk, Baby Foot is definitely a fan favorite. The main reason for their popularity? They work and they work well, like really, really well.

Here’s the deal: After washing your feet thoroughly, (warning: taking short cuts may affect the results, according to many online reviewers), you place your feet –even if they are of the “horrible, dry, cracked desert floor” variety in two plastic booties that are laced with special gel. Secure the booties with attached adhesive tape and keep your tootsies inside for an hour before removing the booties and washing your feet gently with soap. And then forget all about it. Within three to seven days, your feet will begin to peel and peel and peel for what one reviewer calls “the grossest, yet most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me.”


It’s like a hurricane, says Dennis Shavelson, DPM, a podiatrist at Lifestyle Podiatry in NYC and a big fan of the product. The Baby Foot special sauce aka gel contains 16 types of natural extracts that exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. The fruit acids penetrate into the layers of dead skin cells and break down the desmosomes which hold the skin layers together. After peeling, “your callouses are gone, your cracks are gone and your foot is shiny and smooth, like a baby’s foot,” he says.

“It takes off 30 to 40 layers of skin off of your foot at first, and then maintenance foot peels, done every two months, will get rid of 25 layers each time,” he says. Another reviewer puts it like this: “The skin came off in sheets. Underneath the peeling skin was shiny pink new skin.”

There really isn’t much of a learning curve for new users. “Make sure the gel is touching your whole foot. This includes in between your toes and along any areas of dryness,” Shavelson says. It may take some manual manipulation on the outside of the booties to make sure this occurs. Another selling point is the price, he says. Baby Foot costs $25, while a similar treatment at a spa may cost upward of $125. It’s also completely safe, he says. “I have never seen a burn or heard a complaint.”

Still, he says, Baby Foot is not for everyone. The peeling process is kind of overwhelming, and let’s say, for imagination’s sake, you forgot all about the Baby Foot peel you did a week ago and took off your shoes and socks for a pedicure. You may feel ashamed and embarrassed and the nail technician may gasp. (You have been warned, again). People with diabetes or poor circulation in their feet should use the Peel with extreme caution, and its use should be avoided if you have any open wounds on your foot.

By popular demand, loyal fans of Baby Foot now have a version just for men to debride their gnarly feet. There is also a Moisturizing Foot Mask, a watered down version that takes only 10-15 minutes, intended as a modified treatment for those who prefer not to shed as dramatically, or to use at the end of your shedding cycle to get rid of the last flakes of dead skin.

Masks are having a moment on all body parts including the feet, says New York City dermatologist Diane S. Berson MD FAAD. “Foot exfoliation is also popular, especially in winter months when foot skin becomes dry, thick and scaly… and men are jumping on the skin care/skin pampering bandwagon, so I am not surprised that it is so popular!”



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