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11-19-12 | Posted by

First Halloween and then Thanksgiving, fall is definitely pumpkin season. Believe it or not, besides making great pies and jack-o’-lanterns, pumpkins also contain vitamin A, which softens skin, vitamin C, which reverses skin damage, and zinc, which promotes elasticity. Plus, who doesn’t love the warm, spicy scent of pumpkin? Try these great pumpkin-enhanced products to keep your skin beautiful and strong through the coming winter months.

Photo Credit: bathandbodyworks.com

If you love the sweet, warm smells of fall and Thanksgiving, coat your body with Bath and Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Body Lotion ($9.50). This aromatic cream not only contains intoxicating scents of pumpkin, apple, and spiced vanilla, but its moisturizing properties will leave your skin feeling smooth and healthy. Can’t get enough of the scent? It’s also available as a shower gel and a body mist!

Photo Credit: arcona.com

And if you want to get serious about skin repair, try Arcona Pumpkin Body Lotion ($35). Made with pumpkin extract and glycolic acid (to strengthen your skin), this cream will help reduce wrinkles, promote elasticity, and reverse sun damage.

Photo Credit: junejacobs.com

Want to keep your face glowing and moisturized in even the coldest, driest of weather? Try Ilike Pumpkin & Orange Mask ($44). This organic face mask uses pumpkin to help repair and rehydrate damaged and dry skin, and orange to help reduce inflammation. Also check out June Jacobs Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque ($78), which combines the power of pumpkin with the benefits of antioxidants to create a rejuvenating experience for your face.

Photo Credit: mychelle.com

Looking for an all-natural or gluten-free way to enjoy pumpkin products? Don’t miss Mychelle Dermaceuticals Incredible Pumpkin Peel ($26.69). Containing pumpkin pulp, enzymes, and fermented juice, this award-winning formula uses the power of nature to rejuvenate and detoxify your face. Users report  glowing, clearer skin after repeated use. Plus, it smells delicious!

Photo Credit: philosophy.com

And let’s not forget that besides nourishing the body and face, pumpkin can be extremely beneficial for the scalp and hair, too. That’s why you should try Philosophy Homemade Pumpkin Pie ($16), which combines shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath all in one delicious product. Scrub it into your scalp, lather it onto your body, or pour it into your bath to enjoy the scents of Thanksgiving all winter long.

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