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04-22-16 | Posted by

I’ve been lucky enough to stay at Canyon Ranch on more than one occasion for some much needed R&R. I’d head there all frazzled and stressed to the max, and return home rejuvenated, refreshed and with additional tools to handle the day to day complexities of life that can make it a little less enjoyable at times. Canyon Ranch’s spa is therapeutic, the classes and lectures are interesting, the different sports and fitness activities are enjoyable, the food is healthy and delicious and the atmosphere is soothing, nurturing. All combined…it brings me back to a calmer state of mind.

Since I can’t get there as often as I like, and some of us might not be able to get there at all, it’s nice to know we can now bring a touch of Canyon Ranch right into our homes. The wellness pioneer has just launched its first amenities collection and I’d say it’s long overdue. The Canyon Ranch Amenities Collection is a range of high quality skin and hair care products that are formulated with a proprietary blend of botanicals and active ingredients that will be used on-property, and also be available for at-home purchase for Canyon Ranch admirers and loyalists alike

There are four core products rounding out the collection but you can expect more to be rolled out in the coming months. These superstar products are a Gentle Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner, Revitalizing Body Wash, and Soothing Moisturizer and all are formulated to gently cleanse and condition without stripping skin or hair of natural oils and contain botanical extracts for additional hydrating, nourishing and soothing benefits. The products are naturally fragranced, suitable for even the most sensitive skin, and are free of harsh chemicals.

The Canyon Ranch Gentle Shampoo ($24) and Canyon Ranch Nourish Conditioner ($24) feature the signature ingredient, Chia Seed Oil. It has a high level of omega fatty acids (beneficial for its emollient, soothing, anti-inflammatory and protective benefits), and alpha linolenic acid (beneficial to help your hair retain moisture so it’s softer, shinier and healthier looking). Custom blends of botanicals and extracts are are included for their anti-aging, nourishing and uplifting properties.

The Canyon Ranch Revitalizing Body Wash ($24) and Canyon Ranch Soothing Moisturizer ($24) feature a signature ingredient – Dilo Oil – with skin-soothing and clearing properties. It’s quickly and easily absorbed leaving no greasy residue behind and promotes the skin’s elasticity and firmness. Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties are coupled with its unique capacity to promote new healthy skin and accelerate wound healing.


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