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06-13-13 | Posted by

Motorcycle helmets, bikes, and Google Glasses may all be wishful thinking, but grooming products certainly are (more easily) attainable than dangerous and obscure gadgets. And so, we bring you our edition of a Father’s Day Gift Guide, with tried and true products chosen by us for the best man in your life. After all, you owe dad the world, so what’s the cost of a grooming product?

Redken for Men Full Impact Bodifying Shampoo ($12)

A high performance product created to plump up fine or thinning hair, this shampoo is designed for rich, full-looking strands using Redken’s proprietary “Thick Lift Technology.” Fortified with Intra-Cylane and protein, this shampoo strengthens and bodifies the hair for a full volume impact. The base of the shampoo contains cellulose, which is a volumizing polymer, and cleanses hair thoroughly. This is an ideal product if you want to strengthen and reinforce dad’s hair, and give him some true lift in the process.

Hanz de Fuko Hair Care

Hanz de Fuko GelsPhoto Credit: Hanz de Fuko

A favorite of David Beckham’s, Hanz de Fuko features organic hair products, including a Hair Conditioner ($16.50) that can double as a shaving cream. Made out of certified organic ingredients, this line contains essential oils, antioxidants and more. And of course, if Beckham can use it to shave, your dad certainly can!

GO 24/7 Shave Cream ($16.95)

Photo Credit:go247men.com

GO 24/7 promises progressive luxury for the hip, über sophisticated dad. The Shave Cream is just one of 15 products offered by this solutions-oriented line, with a commitment to using effective ingredients to create a youthful complexion, and proper, no fuss grooming (other products include shampoo, conditioners, styling aids, and body wash). The shave cream is appropriate for all types of beards, and gives a creamy, rich lather that is boosted by silicone lubricants and glycerin to get the smoothest of shaves.

NIOXIN Rejuvenating Elixir   ($17)

Photo Credit: Nioxin

The new Rejuvenating Elixir from Nioxin helps rejuvenate hair’s texture, so it’s soft to the touch while allowing for natural movement. It’s a great product for dad, giving him form function, and aesthetics all in one convenient tube. Nioxin also offers several new collections for those with thinning hair. The collections feature the new Lightplex Technology, which offers lightweight benefits for thinning hair, and contains polymers and conditioning agents.

Custom Fragrances and Candles from Original Scent ($99)

Photo Credit: Original Scent

For the creative and unique dad (whose isn’t?), give him a certificate to create his own signature statement from Original Scent. He can choose base, middle, and top notes, and then mix and match. This online service helps customers create a fragrance profile, then sends out three scent options to choose from. There is even a special men’s category in addition to eau de parfum, oils, candles, linen washes and more.

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