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02-28-18 | Posted by

Wellness is the new luxury.

Living a happy and healthful life is where it’s at, and this wellness movement is taking hold of multiple industries from real estate and tourism to parenting, technology and interior design with everything else mixed in.

We’ve got the scoop on what you can expect in coming years, and it’s crazy cool.

Real Estate

Wellness real estate and communities put people’s health at the center of design. These include “agrihoods” or communities revolving around farms and residences will be built around natural and healing thermal and mineral springs. The global wellness real estate and communities sector is experiencing a growth spurt. Wellness real estate grew 6.4% annually since 2015 to reach $134 billion in 2018 and will expand 6% yearly through 2022 to reach $180 billion, according to a new report by the Global Wellness Institute.

Interior Design

The kitchen is and always will be the heart of the home, but tomorrow’s heart is much healthier. Think built-in composts for green garbage disposal and clear refrigerators that frame and display colorful fruits and vegetables so they catch your eye right off the bat. As clean air becomes a hot commodity, we will see more plants and personal air cleansers in kitchens – not to mention other rooms in the home.

Travel and Tourism

Forget everything you know about spa vacays, the next frontier is more than just a class here, a massage there and healthy eats. The new wellness retreats will tap into avatars, gaming and role playing for truly immersive and transformational travel. Having trouble visualizing what this will look like? At Iceland’s Red Mountain Resort, guests follow the intense, five-chapter emotional and sensory voyage of an ancient Icelandic hero.


Wellness starts well before conception – and involves dad too. Expect to see new guidelines that that go far beyond “no smoking or alcohol during pregnancy,” trendspotters at the Global Wellness Institute predict.  New recommendations will take genes and environmental factors into account, and there will be a greater focus on the father’s role in creating a supportive and healthy environment during pregnancy and after birth.


Apps will go beyond counting steps and tracking calories as wellness intersects with precision medicine. There will be no more one-size-fits-all diet or exercise advice. Instead, your plan will be tailored to you based on your genes. Arivale, a Seattle-based scientific wellness company, offers genetic analysis with personal coaching.  And once enough information is amassed, genetic data may be used for research that will result in cures for chronic illnesses.

Girl power will drive a lot of innovations in the tech space as women doctors, technologists and designers create female-friendly apps that put fertility, contraception and hormone tracking in women’s hands and “smart” clothing engineered for real women’s bodies such as Universal Standard, a clothing company for plus-size women that 28 that will exchange and replace clothing for free for up to one year with a new size, if the original size no longer fits.

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