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Posted by 02.07.09


AVEENO ULTRA CALMING MOISTURIZER SPF 15 – I gave this to my 85 year old mother who has the driest, flakiest, most sensitive skin I’ve ever seen. She has a tendency to scratch because it gets dry and tight. This worked great for her. She was not anxious to try it because everything she has used on her face always give her a rash or little bumps or makes her get red and hot. She is fair and a redhead and always had sensitive skin even when she was younger. This was truly a miracle for her. She lives in Florida (of course) and the SPF is also good because she sits outside on her porch almost every day.

FINAL VERDICT – BOB (Bail Out Beauty) – If your skin reacts to most things, try this and you may be surprised. It’s a great find at a great price too. Just ask my mom. Thanks Aveeno!

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