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06-07-14 | Posted by

The world of serums has just entered Cadillac competition level.
Erno Laszlo,the legendary dermatologist whose clients included Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn,approached skin care as a long-term commitment,rather than aiming for instant,miraculous results.So,you can expect that new launches from the company that carries on his legacy—especially one as major as Transphuse—is less about instant gratification than it is about solid results over time.The intensive Transphuse ($550) is a four-week rejuvenation program that targets the signs of aging associated with senescence, the process of cells losing their ability to divide and grow. The idea behind the beautifully packaged four-vial serums in black and white glass bottles (they look like mini tuxedos) is to inhibit progerin, which is also known as the “age toxin.”  You’re supposed to use the serum every day, morning and evening, and wear it beneath your moisturizer. Each vial will last for one week.

The client testimonials for Transphuse have been nothing short of glowing. One customer writes, “I bought three Rapid Renewal Cell Protocol sets because I’m afraid I’ll run out.” Another says, “I literally gasped when the last drop came out of my ampoule.” With all this gushing, one might think that this launch is inexpensive, but at $550 for the four-week regimen, you want to be triple certain that this product does what it say it does.

The packaging: Like all Erno Laszlo products, Transphuse does not disappoint. Packaged in an elegant black box with the Erno Laszlo logo embossed in white and gold, the four vials look extremely high-end because rather than plastic, the bottles are made of glass. The 15 ml pumps are easy to use and the dispenser does not get clogged up.

Look and feel: the serum is non-tacky and glides beautifully on the skin. While it does not hydrate (that’s what your moisturizer is for), it does not leave a filmy residue oand absorbs beautifully.

The formula: Ingredients BioCellessence and RapidGen are the keys in this product. BioCelessence modulates the production of progerin (age toxin) and RapidGen helps boost cell elasticity and cell renewal through a blend of two patented stem cell extracts.

The results: There’s no question: this stuff really works. In three days my skin had a visible, almost dewy glow and in four weeks my frown lines were nearly all gone. My skin has never looked quite so refreshed, luminous, and almost ethereal looking. It’s not supposed to really treat acne, but my acne disappeared as well, within a few days.

The product promises “radical” results in 28 days—the time it takes for the skin to complete its turnover cycle—and I saw results much sooner than that. The serum has a nice cooling effect on the skin, and does exactly what is promised, much like the man you’ve always wanted to marry.



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    entered! ^_^ thank you #BEAUTYinthebag #CadillacSerums

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