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Brows frame the face, create balance and draw attention right where you want it – on your baby blues (or browns). While pencils, gels, and plucking have been brow grooming mainstays, microblading has risen as the go-to treatment for fuller, natural-looking results.

Microblading entails using a very fine pen that is really tiny needles to deposit pigment into the skin in strokes that resemble human hair. Since these fine needles only go to the superficial layers of the skin, this technique is semi-permanent as opposed to brow tattoos which are considered permanent.  The key benefit of the microblading technique is that when done by an expert, it offers a more natural look that lasts well but is not permanent. In most people, the effects can last from 1-3 years.

According to Alex Thiersch, Founder and Director of the American Med Spa Association (AmSpa). “Microblading has taken the aesthetics industry by storm thanks to the reception and widespread demand.” But, Mr. Thiersch cautions, while microblading offers a lasting anecdote to an over-waxed, barely-there brow, it also penetrates the skin, which means safety is a concern.

So, before you book your brow makeover, follow these recommendations from AmSpa to make sure you are staying safe:

Look for tattooing certification – Most states treat microblading the same way they treat tattooing or permanent makeup. “Make sure the practitioner needs a tattooing certification and the business needs to register as a tattoo parlor,” shares Alex. “Aestheticians who have a tattoo license can perform the procedure in most states, but they must be sure to identify themselves as a tattoo artist during the procedure because the practice falls outside their aesthetic practice act.”

Microblading is a two-step process – “One of the most important parts of the process is the consultation and setting proper expectations,” shares AmSpa Member Maegen Kennedy, PA-C and Founder of Fleek Brows Microblading Training in Orlando, FL. Microblading is done in two steps, the initial consult/appointment and the touch up session 6 weeks later. Expect to get a detailed consent form outlining the potential risks during the consultation that should be reviewed carefully before the treatment begins.

A trained and steady hand is essential “Microblading is performed with a hand-held pen that holds a sterile ‘blade’ on the tip,” explains Maegen. “After the eyebrow is drawn, the skin is cleaned and the blade is dipped into pigment. The pigmented blade is placed on the epidermis and a ‘swiping’ or ‘stroking’ motion of the blade penetrates the upper layers of the skin while depositing pigment.” Do your homework before you book, read reviews, and ask to see examples of the provider’s past work to make sure you like the results.

Ask for post-procedure instructions – The excitement of your new brows will be unavoidable, but professionals suggest not touching them for at least 24 hours, due to skin sensitivity. You will be instructed to avoid the gym, showers, sweating, sun exposure and makeup for this time frame as well. Ask your aesthetician for aftercare instructions so you are clear on how to care for your new brows post procedure and through the healing phase.


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