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04-20-17 | Posted by

The first step is admitting you have a problem. I’m an addict. A peel pad addict, that is. I can’t get enough of that squeaky-clean-smooth-skin-feeling you get after a few swipes. I love seeing all the grime and grit on the pad and not on my skin anymore. I get a rush just thinking about it.

There is a plethora of pads, gels and creamy peels to choose from now from mild to turbocharged. You can pick your poison. The real beauty of the new advanced crop of home peels is that they can be used on the face, neck chest, back of your hands, arms, legs, anywhere your skin needs help with sun damage, tone and texture.

BITB asked New York City dermatologist Diane Berson for her top tips for getting the most out of using home peels.  “I regularly perform in-office peels on my patients. SkinMedica Vitalize Peel is one of my favorites for anti-aging, tone, texture and melasma, and I like salicylic acid peels for acne and rosacea. Although there are some excellent home peel formulas on the market, such as the NeoStrata Skin Active Perfecting Peel, Skin Better InvisiLift, Glytone Rejuvenating Mini Peel Gel, I have seen some patients over do it. You have to be careful if you are using a peel after other skin care products; you may develop an unwanted reaction including a burn, pigmentation or even scarring.”

Check out our best ‘Gang of 8’ to try, from affordable to splurge status.


First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Intensive Peel ($40 )

This formula combines three potent exfoliators -  lactic acid, salicylic acid, and actizyme—along with clay and charcoal for visible results in a single step.


Murad Rapid Resurfacing Peel ($44)

Individually wrapped powerful peel pads, perfect for travel and post Soul Cycle, these get the job done quickly and effectively without stinging. Made with a blend of 10 percent glycolic acid and vitamin C, the pads clean, retexturize and minimize pores with a few sweeps across your face. 16 wipes come in the box which translates to $2.95 for a mini peel. Use a few times weekly or even daily if your skin needs it.


Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Peel Pads ($45)

Daily peel that combines hydroxy acid and peptides to help to loosen dirt and oil deep within the pores and prevent future breakouts. Works for cell turnover and to keep pores clean and open. Quick and simple to use -apply for 3 minutes and rinse off. A generous 60 pads come in the jar which will last about two months.


Glytone Rejuvenating Mini Peel Gel ($64)

We love this little easy to use gel for improving skin’s texture and radiance and digging into pores to get rid of dirt, oil and impurities. Glycolic acid exfoliates dead skin cell buildup and leaves skin refreshed and super cleansed. Try it for arms and legs before self-tanning too.


ZO Skin Health Invisapeel Intensive Resurfacing Peel ($72)

This glycolic acid based home peel works beautifully to exfoliate the skin’s surface and enhance texture and tone. Another benefit is that it helps your other skin care products to penetrate more efficiently for better results. Use weekly or bi-weekly as a booster. Works great for arms, legs and chest too.



Lancome Visionaire Crescendo ($75)

This cool new liquid leave-on liquid nighttime peel helps to exfoliate dead surface cells and work on uneven texture, appearance of pores, fine lines, and dark spots. Inspired by fitness interval training, Visionnaire Crescendo combines two formulas with different ingredient combinations to be used over a 28-night period as part of an interval skin training experience.



NeoStrata Skin Active Perfecting Peel ($82)

From the people that brought us glycolic peels back in the day, this high strength two-step peel formula has a 20% blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Glycolic Acid, and Citric Acid. It comes about as close as you can get to a clinical peel treatment you can have at a dermatologist’s office. Use weekly for best results, or monthly for long term maintenance.



Natura Bisse Glyco Extreme Peel ($260)

This luxury triple enzymatic exfoliation system hailing from Barcelona delivers instant skin radiance and rejuvenation, the kind you can usually only get in a pampering medspa environment.  Just a few pumps and your skin will go from drab to fab! Worth the splurge in my book.




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