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(via HealthNewsDigest.com) – Luscious lashes are a coveted beauty essential. But like hair, skin and nails, lashes can thin out with age. Your lashes also take a lot of abuse from constant rubbing, makeup applications, contact lenses and lash extensions. Lash conditioners can help keep your lashes hydrated and supple and prevent your delicate lashes from damage and becoming brittle or breaking. One of the best in this category is Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel (www.sephora.com) is a cult favorite from France that contains pure botanical ingredients to keep your lashes in optimum shape. It is a clear gel that is applied with a simple wand at night time or under your mascara.  
The only prescription lash growth product available is LATISSE® (Allergan) (www.latisse.com), which is applied daily to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker. The results can take six to twelve weeks to see the full effect and there can be side effects including redness and skin discoloration in some cases. Latisse® is so potent that you can taper off to using it three or four times a week over time and maintain the effects. There are myriad alternatives, including the most popular Revitalash® (www.skinstore.com) that contains a prostaglandin-like substance. Used once a day at night time, Revitalash® is applied to the base of your upper lashes. Some of the side effects of Latisse® may be evident from Revitalash® but to a lesser degree.


To get the best results from your lash enhancer, clean your eyelashes and make sure that your lash line is free of makeup, mascara and residue. Apply your lash conditioner daily as consistency is key. It may take several weeks to months see results. If you want a dramatic effect quickly, you can have lash extensions applied in the meantime while your lash enhancer has time to work. To keep lashes healthy, avoid using waterproof mascara every day, which can be more drying to lashes and is also more difficult to remove. Toss out your old, dried up mascaras after three months to avoid spreading bacteria. Although you may desire long, thick lashes, applying multiple coats of mascara which can clump and break lashes. Choose a great quality mascara that delivers the look you want in two coats, or seek out multi-tasking mascara formulas that contain lash conditioners all in one wand. L’Oreal 24-Hour Lash Boosting Power System (www.drugstore.com) contains pro-keratin complex technology to boost your lashes in a kit with a mascara for daytime and lash serum at night.

LashDip™ (www.lashdip.com) introduced a revolutionary semi permanent mascara treatment exclusively available at salons and spas that lasts up to six weeks. The innovative LashDip™ process creates beautifully long lasting sculpted, dark black lashes that you can wake up with every morning. The LashDip™ look can be made even more glamorous with the addition of selected lash extensions that can widen your eyes and add even more definition. LashDip™ is the lazy girl’s way to have great looking lashes 24/7. It goes beyond even the most perfect application of mascara to provide color and enhancement that lasts.

Wendy Lewis is President of Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd, Global Aesthetics Consultancy (www.wendylewisco.com), author of 11 books, and Editor in Chief of www.beautyinthebag.com

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