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This is the time to reinvent yourself. You may have to adapt to a new lifestyle, new job or career, new man…and you’ll need a new self image to go with it.

Revisit your beauty philosophy with an eye towards an upgrade. If something isn’t working for you, ditch it. If your regimen is missing some key elements, add them ASAP. The new way of thinking about beauty is prevention first, then maintenance, and lastly, correction when it becomes necessary. 



GO BACK TO BASICS -Simplify your beauty regime with multi-tasking products that really work. Invest in larger sizes for the stuff you use a lot of and daily; stick with the smallest size for occasional treats and products that can turn (like vitamin C) to extend the shelf life and. Use products consistently to reap the benefits (At least 4 weeks for skin care products, once or twice should do it for colour makeup.)

SPF30 – SPF 15 or less is child’s play these days as skin cancer rates skyrocket. Don’t settle for less when SPF30 is the new gold standard for prevention to save you from becoming a slave to lasers later on as lines and blotches set in. 

BEAUTY CHEAPSKATE – Suddenly it’s chic to save  on skin care, hair care, and makeup – and to mix and match designer and discount brands – like you buy your wardrobe. So go forth and be frugal and don’t be afraid to hunt for bargains. It’s o.k. to save! (Your accountant is giving you permission…)

BRAZILIAN KERATIN – For total frizz freedom and hair that is smoother than silk – this amazing protein drenched treatment is so worth the price to have healthy, shiny, younger looking hair. You’ll actually end up saving a fortune on professional blowouts and hoards of anti-frizz serums. Ideal for frequent flying femmes too. Costs about $400 every 4 months for upkeep.

DIY DERM – Home Care Laser/Skin/Spa Devices rule for maintenance and in-between clinical treatments. Even at $250 – $1,000 to buy your own, it’s still a money saver if you actually make yourself use it and get results. (Best for hair removal – Tria®, Best for acne – Thermaclear®, Best for photorejuvenation – Tanda® Regenerate)


COSMETICS CLUTTER – Debride your makeup bag, toss out those ancient makeup mistakes you just can’t bear to part with like bad color choices that fall under the category of ‘what was I thinking…like neon blue eye pencil and dark raisin lip gloss, and second rate skin care with watered down antioxidants, but splurge on one gorgeous skin enhancing foundation.

 O.T.T. IMPLANTS – Just say NO to oversized implants, chipmunk cheeks, and bee sting lips. Keep it natural to avoid the distorted look that may scare small children at the mall. And please try not to take your advice from Joan Rivers’ new plastic surgery guidebook, Men Are Stupid and They Like Big Boobs. (Joan, stick to flogging gawdy broaches on QVC  p-l-e-a-s-e…)

REAL TANS – Stay away from UV rays from the sun or the tanning bed, and avoid the orange Tanorexic tint in favor of a subtle touch of golden color on healthy, radiant, younger than your driver’s license says skin.  If orange is the look you’re going for, stick to eating bunches of carrots – at least you’ll be getting extra Vitamin A.

SUPER CREAMS  That Cost More Than BOTOX® – When you’re pinching pennies, it’s hard to justify $500+ worth of hope in a jar. If you’re dying for something luxe, splurge on one drop- dead- can’t- live- without anti-aging cream that does it all and make it last (Sisley All Day All Year or Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Youth Creme).  If you’re in the mood for a bargain, Olay Pro X range delivers doctor brand results for less than $50.  

HIGH MAINTENANCE – Overprocessed Hair Extensions are so Girls Next Door. Invest in a good quality tool for your hair type and add volume the old fashioned way . Check out Instyler® for a fraction of the price of niche brands. Still the best flat iron we have found on the planet is Sedu – $150 and up but light and gets the job done fast.

FOUNDATION FIASCO – Bad foundation is much worse than wearing no foundation at all. Get some help to choose the right formula for your complexion. Look for Matte for oily, shiny skin, and Hydrating for dry skin that craves moisture. And if you’re over 40, think primer to avoid creases and stay HDTV ready. One of the best mid priced foundation ranges is Clinique.. Try their newest, Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF15 – helps age spots and gives new life to dull complexions for $24.50 – the name says it all!


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  2. admin Says:

    I love Laura Mercier Foundation Primer -spackles all my imperfections before I put my makeup on!

  3. beautylovingmom Says:

    There is noting wrong with being a BEAUTY cheapskate – in fact, I am proud of it! you can get some real bargains out there if you shop around. this site is GREAT!!!! Thanks.

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