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12-03-13 | Posted by

TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup is credited with bringing airbrushing kits from the pros to your home and making it easy to use. The AIRbrushâ„¢ Makeup System and patented AIRpodâ„¢ makeup made its debut in 2009, and revolutionized how women apply foundation. The TEMPTU brand of professional-quality, at-home airbrush makeup systems enables a flawless application, even for novices, without leaving a mess.

The TEMPTU Holiday 2013 Pop Glam Campaign is a spirited collaboration with veteran costume designer and Emmy-award winner Patricia Field, who rose to worldwide fame as the designer for the Sex and the City girls’ clothes. Her fashion empire is the stuff of legends. Growing up in Forest Hills, my friends and I would sneak on the subway to hang out in the Village after school sometimes, and invariably, we would end up at peeking into the windows of Patricia Field’s boutique on East Eighth Street. Her shop became a New York City landmark.

The two bold and beautiful TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup Systems inspired by Field are ‘Martine Girl’ and ‘Lips on Fire’. Martine Girl is an edgy hot pink rocker chick. Lips on Fire is covered in bright colored lips that pop on the black device. The collection also features a Patricia Field AIRpod Makeup Duo and a series of Limited Edition Temporary Tattoo images.

“Glamour is personal—it can be dramatic and bold, classic and natural, or theatrical and costume,” says Field. “The do-it-yourself aspect of the TEMPTU system is a visionary concept and takes the individual expression of glamour to a whole new pop level. With this airbrush system every individual can develop into a professional makeup artist, when it comes to self application.”

The stated goal of the Pop Glam campaign is to inspire creativity and empower individuals to express themselves with their personal style and ideas of glamour. The campaign was a true collaboration among Patricia Field’s design team, singer/songwriter Nomi Ruiz (also the face and voice behind Jessica 6), and world-renowned photographer Mike Ruiz.

The TEMPTU Pop Glam Campaign features three dramatic and imaginative looks that bring to life the concept of transformative glamour championed by Patricia Field. Each look is named after one of Nomi’s Jessica 6 songs—Fun Girl, Stars in your Eyes, and See the Light, and were styled by Patricia Field’s team, with the makeup designed by Makeup Artist Dani Fonseca. This creative TEMPTU-Patricia Field collaboration brings together beauty, fashion, and music in a fun and innovative way.

Michael Benjamin, President and CEO of TEMPTU says, “Patricia Field is one of the most influential pop culture icons, and someone who continuously pushes the boundaries of style with her fearless originality and vision. I love her spirit, so we made the partnership happen, and what better time than the holiday season?”

I thought there would be a learning curve to get going, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. My number one concern was getting foundation on my hair and clothes, but Benjamin assured me that it wouldn’t happen and he was spot on. It’s actually pretty cool to use and makes having an even application of color almost a sure thing.

TEMPTU feels feather light on your skin and definitely looks very natural, so it’s a good choice for non-foundation wearers who don’t want to look too made up. We also found that a little TEMPTU foundation goes a long way, and it seems to last really well.

Foundation pods cost $45, and there are also blush pods ($30), as well as highlighter and bronzer pods ($35). The foundation comes in a dozen shades from Porcelain to Espresso, and it is oil-free and non-comedogenic so you don’t have to be concerned about breakouts. To get started, TEMPTU’s Flawless Complexion Kit includes the AIRbrush Makeup System 2.0 in black or white, plus your choice of shade of AIRpodâ„¢ Foundation for $149.00. Pssst…Makes a fab gift!

To order, visit TEMPTU.com



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