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06-22-12 | Posted by

Get ready for your close-up with the new Skin Retouch ($49) fluid from Talika. Inspired by true life photo retouching techniques, Skin Retouch aims to optically hide pores and conceal lines and wrinkles, while making the overall quality of your skin look smoother and more even toned. Try it on your hands and neck to hide their little imperfections.

Kind of like putting a photo scrim over your skin, Skin Retouch evens out your complexion by filling in lines and pores and using light reflecting ingredients to create a soft focus. The fluid falls somewhere between a gel and a lotion and has a stretchy texture – which makes it perfect for filling. Once sitting inside the lines and wrinkles, special small sized pigments reflect light creating a soft-focus effect. Larger size pigments work on the skin’s surface to reflect light away from redness and other discolorations.

The fluid is non-drying and should be applied after skincare but before putting on makeup. It’s transparent, so even men may want to try out its camera ready effect.

The 1-oz. tube features a nifty applicator. Shaped like a brush, the applicator is really easy to use. Just brush on and smooth the fluid. When finished, just switch the applicator lock to off to keep the fluid from running out. Let it dry for 30 seconds before applying your makeup.

If your imperfections are few (lucky you) then a quick application of Skin Retouch is all you need to go on your way. If you need a bit more camouflage, Skin Retouch will dramatically help your makeup create a smoother looking complexion.

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