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07-03-12 | Posted by

There is a new wave revolutionizing beauty and it’s all about gadgets. At-home devices that firm and tone, fight acne, remove hair, diminish lines and wrinkles, and brighten teeth among other benefits are becoming increasingly popular as consumers look to take control of their beauty procedures, according to panelists at the recent HBA EXPO presentation entitled, “Devices: The New Frontier for Skincare and Personal Care.”

“Home care devices continue to show strong growth and increased consumer acceptance. Fueled by their convenience, greater ease of use, portability and advanced efficacy, more affordable devices that can reverse sun damage, remove hair, reduce discoloration, and blemishes are now available at premium retailers, online as well as shopping clubs,” stated moderator Wendy Lewis, president of Wendy Lewis & Co. Ltd, Global Aesthetics Consultancy.

The U.S. market is awash with products from brands like Clarisonic, Tria, Olay, BMR Beauty, Silk’N, Tanda and Palovia. “In the U.S. there is particular interest in anti-aging devices. Research shows that 5% of U.S. women have used an at-home anti-aging device, while 35% of U.S. women say that have not used such devices but would consider trying one,” said panelist Amy Ziegler, Global Personal Care Analyst, Mintel Beauty & Personal Care.

Furthermore, women in the U.S. are more interested in using home devices than visiting a doctor for anti-aging procedures, Ziegler said.

The gadget trend is strong in Europe too, with launches of products like Filorga, France’s first at-home LED device for anti-aging, and Germany’s :SQOOM apparatus, which uses ultrasound, ionization and magnetic therapy. According to Mintel research, Italian women are the most interested in anti-aging LED devices, with 44% saying they “might buy” or “would seriously consider buying” any LED device.

Similar devices can be used at retail counters or salons to help diagnose a consumer’s skin or hair. “The technology is there, it’s just a matter of finding the right brand partners to reach the consumer,” said panelist Dan Edwards, SVP Consumer Products, Sagentia Ltd., a global technology and product development company. A perfect example is the Dove Advanced Diagnostic Device that is available in Europe, Asia and South America. “The Dove Advanced Diagnostic Device offers a scientific tool that recommends and proves the efficacy of specific Dove hair care products based on the consumer’s level of hair damage. We believe diagnosis and feedback will play a major role in this market as it enables brands to personalize treatments and this makes it a far more compelling offering to the consumer.”

“What attracts consumers to a device is its efficacy, the usage experience and the benefit of personalization,” Edwards said. Sagentia has also developed early stage device concepts for cellulite removal, skin tone, and microdermabrasion as examples of devices that seek to deliver intelligent therapies based on a diagnostic being built into the device.

Anxious to mimic the results of treatments once available only in doctor’s offices or spas, consumers eagerly embrace battery-powered or plug-in devices. However, that does not mean the doctor or spa is completely out of the loop. There is a new category of light based systems emerging that bridge the gap between purely home care devices and professional technologies with hybrid models that are prescribed by doctors for therapeutic skin conditions, such as acne, actinic keratosis, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, and hair growth.

“These systems do not take the physician out of the equation; rather treatment is initiated in the doctor’s office and the patient self treats at home,” Lewis said.

“For example, skin cancer prevention is on the horizon as at-home mole-mapping systems for early melanoma detection are gaining wide acceptance within the dermatological community,” she added.

As the at-home device category continues to evolve, be on the outlook for more energy efficient and ecological instruments as well as new ingredients to be paired with the at-home treatment.



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