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11-27-17 | Posted by

If you suffer from dark circles, under-eye bags, redness or blemishes chances are very good that concealer is your desert island beauty product, but keep in mind that when concealer is used incorrectly it only serves to highlight the problem. Luckily, we have expert advice from Jenny Patinkin, founder of Lazy Perfection Beauty School and author of LAZY PERFECTION THE ART OF LOOKING GREAT WITHOUT REALLY TRYING, so that you’re guaranteed to get it right.


  1. HIDE A PIMPLE: Covering a pimple with a concealer that’s too light creates the illusion that the spot is sticking out further from you face, like it’s been highlighted instead of camouflaged. Patinkin says, “The trick is to use a concealer that’s the same color as your foundation (or a 1/2 shade darker) and then set it with matching powder.”
  2. A DISAPPEARING ACT FOR DARK CIRCLES: Patinkin equates using an ivory or light concealer to cover dark circles to wearing a white t-shirt over a black bra. It just calls more attention to them. She says, “To neutralize dark tones, you actually have to look for a peach toned concealer to offset the grey, blue or purple tones.”
  3. HELP FOR BROKEN AND SCABBED SKIN: If you have skin that’s been broken or scabbed, you can’t expect to get perfectly smooth coverage. “While your skin is healing, its best to use a thick, cream concealer and then tap a little powder on top of it to give extra wear time,” shares Patinkin. When applying the powder she recommends using the tip of your pinkie finger to avoid over-application.
  4. COLOR CORRECTION FOR REDNESS, BRUISES, SALLOW SKIN AND MORE The best way to get it right is to look at a color wheel and choose the shade at the opposite end of the spectrum of the color you’re aiming to neutralize. Green will cancel out redness from rosacea, blemishes and broken capillaries. Lavender will counteract yellow tones and brighten a sallow complexion. Light to bright shades of peach and orange will fight under eye circles and bruises. Once you have the right color, just apply a light layer of corrector only where needed before topping it with concealer or a medium to high coverage foundation. Patinkin adds, “Using a color corrector where you don’t need it is a dicey proposition. For example, if you only have redness on part of your face but you slather on a green color corrector everywhere, it can definitely give you a little bit of a “hangover glow” which is definitely not bright and fresh.”
  5. CONTOUR CORRECTION FOR FULL CHEEKS AND CHIN: Contouring is more than just choosing the right product since yielding a makeup brush that’s too large won’t help in the chiseling-your-looks department. Patinkin recommended using a small to mid-size brush for better control in mimicking a shadow instead of a blob when contouring away fullness on the cheeks or under the chin.


Benefit Boi-ing Brightening Concealer ($20), available in light, light-medium, and medium shades, has a creamy formula and peach undertones so it’s perfect for hiding dark under eye issues and brightening the inner corners of your eyes. It blends easily and gives off a radiant finish.


Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette ($40) contains the brands’ 5 main corrective cream shades, perfect to conceal all complexion imperfections including blemishes, dark circles, pigmentation issues and scars.


Cover FX Contour Brush ($38) is double ended and perfectly sized for seamless placement and blending of your contour and highlight powders.




NOTE: All products were either purchased or tested in store. Opinions are my own.

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