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Posted by 02.27.09


JAN MARINI SKIN RESEARCH C-ESTA FACE SERUM – This serum has been around for ages and I dont think they have changed it much over the years. The packaging is slightly better than what Ive seen in the past in a few spas. That was pretty ugly. I have used SkinCeuticals and was trying to save some cash – I paid $120 for their serum and this was $79. BIG mistake. I didnt like the smell which was orangey, but not in a good way. The milky texture didn’t appeal to me either and my skin just didnt respond to it.  I went back to SkinCeuticals after this and was sorry that I strayed.

FINAL VERDICT – ICW (IT CAN WAIT) – For me, this is a tired old product and makes me yawn (thus the siesta reference for anyone who wasn’t paying attention). If you want Vitamin C, SkinCeuticals is a much better designed range and I think it works better too.

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