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Date: 03.27.09


NEUTROGENA HEALTHY SKIN SERUM ANTI WRINKLE INTENSIVE –  Retinol, antioxidants, multi vitamins including vitamin E all stack up to good performance in this fast absorbing serum. Nice texture, absorbs well, and definitely produces benefits in terms of skin texture, tone, blending. If your skin is very sensitive, or you are not already a retinol user, you may sting a little. You can start by trying a pea sized amoung on your forearm to test. Then go for a limited application every other day, and work your way up to daily usage.  With this product you are getting a lot of power for your money in terms of skin improvement.  You can also use this as a spot treatment – for deeper lines and sun damage as needed. But since there is no SPF included, pair it up with one of the Neutrogena sunscreens that contain Helioplex for extra added protection.

FINAL VERDICT – BOB (BEAUTY ON A BUDGET) – You can’t go wrong with Neutrogena beauty products – and for about $20, this is excellent value for money.


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