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Date: 03.06.09


SECRET FLAWLESS PROTECTING POWDER- The search for the perfect deodorant is now a whole lot easier with Secret’s smart anti-perspirant that absorbs odor molecules as they form, replacing each one with a microscopic burst of sweet smelling fragrance. Think Febreeze for your underarms! It goes on clear, which is nice to salvage your dark colored clothes from smudges and rings, and literally renews itself throughout the day. There are 4 clean scents to choose from: Refreshingly Floral, Satiny Tropical, Competely Clean and Protecting Powder, which is what I have been using. For wetness protection I would give it a 3 out of 5, for odor blocking, it tops the charts at a 5. It doesnt stop you from sweating, but it definitely makes a dent. With two dogs at home, I buy Febreeze in the industrial strength formula and with the 62 oz refill. What a brilliant idea to put the same technology to work for humans!

FINAL VERDICT: BOB (Beauty on a Budget) – Great for keeping you fresh all day long, and helps protect your good clothes from unsightly stains.


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