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Photo Credit: nhpr.org

Posted by 04.06.15

Unless you live on top of a mountain, you are going to have some encounter with pollution of one form or another on a daily basis. It’s kind of unavoidable. Whether it’s the exhaust from a BMW, cigar smoke, city smog and dirt, fumes from mechanical equipment, it’s all around you. Couple pollution with the incredible shrinking ozone layer, and your skin is in danger. Pollutants increase the levels of free radicals produced by the body, that in turn, cause damage to your DNA. This attack can lead to premature aging, tissue damage, skin cancer, and other diseases. Pollution has been linked to a host of health ills including asthma and other respiratory diseases, and now a growing body of eviden

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BERRY HAPPY: Strawberry Enhanced Beauty Products for Face and Body

Posted by 10.18.10

Good to Eat and Good for Your Skin,  Strawberries Add Yummy Benefits to Beauty Treatments.

Strawberries and whipped cream anyone? A symbol of lust and sensuality, this yummy smelling fruit is one of the world’s healthiest foods due to its concentration in vitamin C, minerals, folic acid, omega 3 acids and powerful antioxidants. It’s also a widely used ingredient in artisanal and mainstream cosmetics. Life is sweet… indulge in these six favorite strawberry-inspired products!


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