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Date: 09.14.10


Photo credit: Suqqu.com

SUQQU MASCARA, MASCARA BASE, EYELASH CURLER - The mascara from this relatively obscure Japanese beauty brand is a find. It glosses on nicely, coats beautifully and volumizes lashes without clumping or smudging.  It comes in 3 variations – Volume N, Long N, Volume Long N – and please don’t ask what the difference is because I have to confess to not having a clue! But the mascara pairs perfectly with the Suqqu Mascara Base to create long, lovely lashes. One coat base plus two coats of the mascara and you’ll be good to go all day long.  The mascara and base contain resin fibres to make lashes strong and lush and to keep the curl power. Washes off just with warm water easily. The Suqqu signature Eyelash Curler is giving the iconic Shu Uemura range a run for their money too. It seems to have a good fit with your eye and comes with 2 replacement replacement strips. (Ever since an unfortunate encounter with an eyelash curler on one New Year’s Eve in my youth where I pulled my own lashes out and was scarred for life, I don’t go near eyelash curlers personally, but this one rates high among the avid fans I asked to try it for me. )

FINAL VERDICT: RUN DON’T WALK (RDW) – Expensive, but unique and elegantly designed, this brand is diverse and intriguing. The ingenious designs, sleek black and brown cases, and artful products are addictive. However, the translations are hard to grasp, and to be sold into a market where Japanese is not the first language, it would be nice to have better product descriptions, usage tips, and labeling! For example, I have to open the wands to tell the base from the mascara…..Not to be deterred,  I do love the effects I get with this duet of lash enhancers!


Posted by 02.11.10

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to all the wonderful UK-based brands that participated!

Sarah B., Sharon W., Kim A., Debbie D., Jay S., Julie H., Hannah P. – Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner

Helena J. –[ A’Kin] Lavender Mist and Cellular Radiance Serum

Lisa P. – Pixi Lip Booster and Gel liner

KJ M. – Molton Brown rose granati fine liquid hand wash and rose granati fine liquid hand lotion

Angela M. – Promakeupshop.com All of A Flutter Perfect Lash Kit

Mary M. – Karin Herzog Tone & Tan

Nicky R. – Linziclip hair clips Spring/Summer 2010

Sue S. – Suqqu Gankin Treatment

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Posted by 01.27.10

Photo Credits: Molton Brown, Pixi, Linziclip, Revitalash, [A’kin]

From next month (Monday Feb. 1, to be precise), Beauty in the Bag is launching 5 straight days of giveaways exclusively for its UK fans. We’re sharing the love across the pond!

There are some great prizes up for grabs from lotions and potions to treatments and pro kits, all hand-selected by the Beauty in the Bag team, including;

A SUQQU Gankin massage, the famously firm Japanese facial massage to contour and recondition the skin, worth £30 at Selfridges London. Or if you are gearing-up to a winter-sun bikini holiday, you can win a beach body in a tube with Karin Herzog Swiss Skincare’s Tone & Tan wort

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Date: 09.20.09




I was introduced to this innovative Japanese brand by a fellow makeup fan who said I absolutely  had to see it.  I immediately noted the sleek design appeal  and agreed to delve inby trying a round dark chocolate swivel case of pressed powder called Polish Face EX-01, that looks like modern art. The powder is designed in concentric rings of lighter and deeper tones, like the rings of a tree stump. The attention to detail is astonishing. The name SUQQU (pronounced SU-KU), in case you are wondering because I certainly was, was derived from the Japanese word sukku-to meaning “posture with attitude”. In the manner of Shiseido, SK-II and other brands that combine great design with product marvels, SUQQU is simply unique. The brush that accompanies the powder case is short and squat like a mushroom and glides softly over your skin. It comes in a small dark brown velvet pouch, like something that would normally be found to carry fine jewelry. The finish of the powder is like pure spun silk! It is sheer and light with a subtle pearlessence and is just lovely for your complexion.

FINAL VERDICT: GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – Luxurious quality brand with some clever concepts and innovative products – it is really quite extraordinary. It is only sold throughout Japan, Bangkok, and now exclusive to Selfridges London in the UK. If you are up for something different and stunning, definitely stop by the counter and have a look at what SUQQU offers. Expensive import but you won’t see yourself coming and going with this brand!  www.suqqu.com


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