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Posted by 08.03.10


Selecting a top doctor, deciding what to have done, scheduling the big day, and making the necessary arrangements for a comfortable recovery from plastic surgery, consume much of a patient’s time and mental energy prior to a cosmetic surgical procedure. The seemingly smaller details can prove just as important when it comes to being prepared. Patients should not overlook steps they can take leading up to their surgery, and in the days and weeks following, to improve healing and decrease downtime.

Patients who are in top physical form tend to heal faster than those who are not. Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer (shaferplasticsurgery.com) recommends v

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Posted by 05.14.10

BeautyScoop’s Guest Interview with Wendy Lewis, Cosmetic Surgery, Beauty and Skincare Guru

1. Can any one spa treatment really impact one’s appearance?
Every spa treatment, done well, can positively impact appearance.  The relaxation factor and therapeutic value of spa therapies help devotees look happier, younger and refreshed.  The WOW effects of certain  microdermabrasion treatments can make the skin look brighter, softer, smoother and more radiant.

2.  Is there any age before or after which you think injections are no longer a beauty enhancing option?
There is really no definitive age limit for injectables.  Women in their 20s start with Botox and Dysport

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