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Posted by 05.30.12

From fairest pale to luscious brown, all skin types need to take care in the sun. Skin cancer can strike anyone, regardless of color, and can occur even with skin types rich in melanin. If you have lighter skin that burns easily, you have a higher risk of developing skin cancers, but contrary to popular belief, deep pigmentation does not make you immune.

With all skin tones, the key to prevention is protection, which means avoiding sun exposure during peak hours, wearing protective clothing and, of course, using broad spectrum sunscreens and sunblocks.

“Skin cancer prevention is the same for all skin types – sun protection, sun protection, sun protection,” said Washi

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Posted by 03.08.12

The Cosmetic Executive Women’s Product Demo is an annual event that brings together all the leaders in the beauty industry to test and ultimately vote on the year’s best introductions across 29 categories of makeup, skin, hair, body care and fragrance. This year’s demo, which took place yesterday in New York City, was no different, with approximately 2,000 members of the industry sampling and learning about products that are all vying for the coveted CEW Beauty Awards seal.

From vibrating lip exfoliators to the latest keratin hair treatments and peptide packed anti-aging creams, over 625 products representing more than 300 brands were on display at the Metropolitan Pa

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PINK CHEEKS – Protecting Your Baby’s Delicate Skin From the Sun

Posted by 08.11.11

While we’re deep in the throes of the last gasp of summer fun, let’s not forget about sun protection especially for young babies. And it’s not an easy task. Babies’ skin is very vulnerable to the chemicals in sunscreen as well as the damaging rays of the sun, according to a recent article in the American Academy of Pediatrics Journal, entitled “New Insights About Infant and Toddler Skin: Implications for Sun Protection.”

It can be challenging to formulate an effective, safe, nonirritating sunscreen for small children. This might explain why statistics show that 7 to13 percent of children get sunburned in a single summer weekend, and 29 to 83 p

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