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COSMETIC PLASTIC SURGERY AFTER 50 – By Beauty In The Bag Editor in Chief Wendy Lewis

Posted by 10.18.10

Wendy Lewis is Pleased to Announce the Publication of Her 11th Book on Cosmetic Beauty!

Check out the Vibrant Nation Health Guide Cosmetic Procedures and Plastic Surgery After 50: Expert Advice for Choosing the Best Option for You. This authoritative and comprehensive guide gives you the information you need about what to before and after plastic surgery, whether you’re thinking of eyelid lift surgery, a breast reduction and lift or any type of breast cosmetic surgery, liposculpture, or simply a face lift.   (more…)

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S IS FOR SVELTE – Say Hello to SLIMLipo

Posted by 06.03.09

Smart Lipo, Smooth Lipo, Cool Lipo…..Give a Shout Out to SLIMLipo!

The newest crop of fat melting and skin tightening lasers has put a major dent in the number of tummy tucks being done these days. Something new on our radar is SLIMLipo, which stands for Selective Laser Induced Melting.  It’s a  laser device from Palomar that delivers dual wavelengths of energy specifically designed to liquefy fat in large areas faster —the device heats and tightens the skin from the surface and shrinks and melts fat underneath. The upside is less downtime, less bruising, more skin tightening, and only local anesthesia, which also makes for a quicker recovery than tra

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Posted by 04.28.09

Non-surgical fat blasting and body shaping are taking the world by storm
When SmartLipo® first exploded onto the scene in Europe,  People touted it “as close as humans can come to that fat-melting fantasy.” Today there is an avalanche of flab-away devices that are already FDA approved to pulverize fat cells with radio frequency, ultrasound, and laser energy, and countless more on the way to a clinic near you.  Kim Kardashian had Velashape® on her show and claims that it helps her keep those famous curves in check. Brittany Spears has been rumored to have gotten back to her pre baby weight with a little lipo help. Even Kenny Rogers and Alexander McQueen have been linked to

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