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Photo Credit: sublativeskin.com

Posted by 08.02.13

If we asked you what you feared more—wrinkles or spiders—what would you say? Is your attitude laidback or do you have your dermatologist on speed dial for the first sign of a pimple? Most of us want to find the perfect solutions for our skin’s concerns, so if wrinkles, pigmentation, loose skin, stretch marks, or acne keep you up at night then it’s time to stop fearing and start acting. With a combination of topical and in-clinic options, you can solve yohttp://www.epionce.co.uk/products/renew-fortify/intense-defense-serum-anti-aging-repair/
ur Skinhibitions.

Help! My Skinhibition is… WRINKLES AND FINE LINES

Wrinkles and lines has been voted the number one

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Posted by 05.27.13

Are you hesitant to let yourself get hooked on energy-based aesthetic treatments? Perhaps you are worried about pain, the time involved, lack of results, or the cost. Whatever the reason, sounds like you suffer from “Skinhibitions,” a phrase coined by aesthetic device company Syneron to describe a fear of cosmetic procedures that could enhance your skin’s appearance.

Sublative Rejuvenation with ematrix, a new treatment protocol from Syneron, is just the thing to calm your fears. A radiofrequency (RF) energy treatment, Sublative targets a gamut of concerns including signs of aging skin such as skin laxity, lines and wrinkles, and changing skin texture. In addition, it

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