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Date: 11.04.09


The Perfect Shower Cap and Faux Dry – It has been a while since I had a blow dry that made it through the humidity of a shower; and when it did, it was likely to end up flat at the ends and oily at the roots within a day or so. And ladies, I don’t have to tell you of the anguish endured when your pricy salon blow dry doesn’t make it to dinner the same night.  Alas, all my drug store grade plastic shower caps to date have ended up torn or tossed in a fit of frustration. And all attempts at baby powder have left my roots ashy and gray. Not a good look. Imagine my elation, my sheer pleasure, at finding a showercap that is not only fashionable (bye, bye, rubber duckie colored plastic cap!) but also functional. Blow’s version is sturdy and oversized, designed to fit over your ears and protect the hair at the crown and neck. It also has a cozy terrycloth lining to prevent moisture from building up inside, you know, in case you want to luxuriate in the shower on a cold winter’s eve. A couple poofs of Faux Dry powder go on with no color trail, and will keep your roots under control between washes.

FINAL VERDICT – RDW (Run Don’t Walk) – The cap will run you $18 and Faux Dry $20, but this is a solid investment if you plan to give your drying arms a workout this season. Available at www.blowny.com and at Ulta stores.


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