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Date: 03.19.09



MEDERMA CREAM WITH SPF 30 – Mederma is the “skin care for scars” brand that is based on onion extract and allantoin.  It is used to soften and help fade scars. This is the newest variety – that contains SPF30. It is ideal for covering acne and insect bites or moles that have been removed as they heal to avoid darkening from sun exposure. It can also be used on dark (red or brown) stretchmarks, burns, surgical scars and tramatic injuries that get exposed to sunlight. You are supposed to use it 3 times a day on new scars for 2 months, and for older scars, 3-6 months.  You really need to use a lot of it and consistently to get results, and of course it works much better on new scars than older scars.  The added benefit of SPF30 will prevent scars from darkening as they heal. It is also very moisturizing for skin. Best to use the SPF30 formula by day, and switch to the original Mederma Gel by night. Think about it this way – it certainly cannot hurt and it will most likely help, so surely worth a try.

FINAL VERDICT – BOB (BEAUTY ON A BUDGET) – A great idea to combine a healing cream with an SPF.  To save some money, download a $3.00 coupon on www.mederma.com


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