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Photo Credit: BFA.com

Posted by 02.28.19

On a Friday morning in February, Brisbane, California-based medical device company Cutera Inc. hosted a Beauty Talk! at the beautiful Park Ave offices of Sadick Dermatology.  Dermatologist Neil Sadick MD and his daughter Sydney Sadick, an in the know fashion journalist, talked about everything from state-of-the-art skin brightening treatments to the newest injectables and how to get svelte without sweating or surgery. It takes a lot of work and a little help from a great dermatologist to look good.

According to Sydney Sadick, “Millennials are more obsessed now with their appearance and preventing the signs of aging than ever due to the pressure of the social media craze and the s

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Posted by 04.05.11

Red in the Face – That Persistent Blush May Be Rosacea
Are you experiencing periods of blushing that come and go? Or have acne-like flare-ups that won’t go away? If so, you may have rosacea.

April is Rosacea Awareness Month, and the National Rosacea Society (NRS), is committed to getting the word out on rosacea, also called “The Great Impostor,” an often debilitating inflammatory skin disorder characterized by unexplained redness in that face that may come and go (can be whole face or specific pattern); bumps that look like acne; tiny visible red blood vessels under the skin; and red-rimmed watery eyes.


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Posted by 08.23.09

Treat Yourself Like a Queen – $300 Dior Facial with Capture Totale

OMG ladies! I just got back from the most relaxing hour I’ve ever spent since in my life!

I have had facials before, but this was a totally new experience. I walked into the very posh clinic of Sadick Dermatology on Park Avenue and 80th street which is modern and sleek. I waited only a few short minutes before I was called in. Luzinette, the master medical aesthetician, brought me back to a private room. I discussed my skin problems as I was lying back on a comfy bed-type thing and prepared for relaxation (I was so relaxed, I don’t even remember everything she did to give me my new flawless skin because I almost f

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