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Photo Credit: sabonnyc.com

Posted by 08.22.16


Our mission is to consistently create and offer an unparalleled range of exceptional bath and body products using time-honored remedies based on the finest natural ingredients.

We are humbled by the majesty of our planet.  In return, we recycle all plastic, paper and glass; use recyclable packaging and biodegradable packing material. We support Friends of the Earth, and refrain from testing our products on animals.

Visit sabonnyc.com for more info.


WIN 1 Renewal Serum

This multi-action serum brightens the skin, minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, nourishes and soothes the skin. Serum works to maintain your skin’s optimal hyd

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Sabon Welcomes Fig Coco Shower Oil To Natural Product Lineup

Photo Credit: www.sabon.com

Posted by 11.29.10

PRODUCT: Fig Coco Shower Oil

I'm a late adapter to the way of the shower gel. If given my druthers, I'd still rather use a good old fashioned bar of soap (French milled, of course). But I have to admit, the Sabon shower gels, particularly the Fig Coco Shower Oil ($18), is changing my mind. First off, the scent is lovely. Strangely, I'm not enthralled with the aroma of fig or coco in my beauty products, but together they are transformative, creating a warm, rich encompassing aura of luxury that lingers just enough.

Now for the formulation - it's a non-greasy gel laced with essential oils that cleans superbly but also moisturizes my always dry skin. The company says its good for those on-the-go types who rarely find time for body lotion. Well that's not me - I always use lotion and can't wait to try the Fig Coco Shower Oil with the brand's corresponding body lotion. Available at the Sabon boutiques in New York, Boston and Chicago and at www.sabon.com.


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