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Date: 03.27.10


Photo Credit: rxsystemspf.com

By Guest Bag Lady Diane Essig

Rx Systems PF Age Defense Antioxidant Serum C – Rx Systems PF, a doctor-developed brand of scientifically formulated skin care products, has been around for the last decade, primarily in St. Louis, MO, but the line is readily available online. Most of the formulations in this brand address specific skin care concerns with pharmaceutical-level ingredients. The new Age Defense Antioxidant Serum C is no exception; it promises protection, repair and restoration of skin thanks  to a high level of Vitamin C.  As anyone familiar with anti-aging products knows, the benefits of Vitamin C are well-documented; it has been around a long while! This potent antioxidant helps protect against damage to skin (when used along with a strong sunscreen) by neutralizing free radicals caused by UV exposure and other environmental irritants. Vitamin C also helps improve the overall quality of skin texture & tone, and lessen lines and wrinkles.  The best results with this type of product depend on the strength of the active ingredient as well as its stability in the package. Many Vitamin C preparations come in dark vials or bottles (to prevent oxidation from light), and use a handy dropper or vial applicator to dispense the product. Sounds good, but air also subjects the Vitamin C to destabilization. In the Rx Systems PF Serum, each application is packaged in an single-use packette (think alcohol wipes) with sufficient serum for a daily dose of 20% L-ascorbic acid. The high concentration of Vitamin C is protected until opened and applied directly to skin. Very smart! (It is, however, messy to apply since you have to pour it from the package into your hand first.) The serum also contains green tea extract for added antioxidant protection and soothing allantoin to comfort skin. (Vitamin C at a 20% strength can also be irritating.)

User’s note: After applying this product for several days, I noticed a distinct odor on my skin similar to the odor of developing self-tanners, and my skin does look somewhat tan. Somewhat perplexing…

Regardless, this well-conceived product contains 30 individual use applications in each box. At about $100 a box, that works out to $3.33 for a daily dose. Given the high level of Vitamin C, it is not a bad buy.

Final Verdict – GGI (Gotta Get It) – For anyone who likes to use a Vitamin C formulation for anti-aging benefits, you have Got to Get It!



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