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READY FOR PRIME TIME – RoC Brilliance Anti Aging Face Primer

Photo Credit: drugstore.com

Posted by 02.16.11

PRODUCT: RoC Brilliance Anti-Aging Primer

Once you get to a certain age ladies, your skin is not ready to accept foundation without some form of preparation. Moisturizer is no longer enough - you are now entering the PRIMER ZONE. Primers hold the secret to flawless complexions by spackling over nasty imperfections like large pores, fine lines, old scars, crevices, cracks and flakes. I was instantly a big fan of  RoC Brilliance with E-Pulse technology - the formulations come in luxurious silver tubes and have a platinum hue that wreaks of prestige. The Anti-Aging Face Primer is my favorite in the range that I have used so far. The premise behind E-Pulse is micro-currents that boost the skin's energy flow which is truly a giant leap in topical skincare.  This featherweight silky formula is lovely and oil-free and just a few dabs in the AM smoothes and protects and my makeup glides on without a trace. You can use it over moisturizer if that is your daily routine, or on bare skin. I use it both ways depending on how much time I have and the weather report. In warmer weather, I would skip the heavy moisturizer and opt for a lightweight SPF only. The dimethicone makes this product feel slippery as you apply so even dry skin doesn't ever feel dehydrated.  For under $25, you can't go wrong - it is comparable quality primers from makeup artist brands can run $40 or $50 without the bonus of clinically proven anti-aging ingredients. If you like the Anti-Aging Face Primer, also try the RoC Eye and Lash Anti Aging Primer for less than $20.



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