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Date: 08.24.11

Photo Credit: mdsolarsciences.com

Just because summer is winding down, that’s no reason to forget about protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Remember, the sun’s rays are just as damaging on a cloudy day in December as they are on a sunny day in August.

That’s why we at Beautyinthebag are so glad to learn of a product like MD Solar Sciences’ Mineral Screen Tinted Gel SPF 30+ ($24). Developed by dermatologist oncologist Dr. Robert J. Friedman to adequately protect your skin, the gel is specially formulated to apply effortlessly and wear like a prestige beauty product.

“If sunscreen went on comfortably, virtually undetectably, and didn’t interfere with moisturizer, makeup or clothing, wouldn’t you wear it every day?” asks Dr. Friedman.

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