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Posted by 09.23.14

National Skincare Awareness Month’s founder Renee Rouleau, celebrity esthetician and owner of her namesake spa and skincare line, knows a thing or two about skincare. She practices in Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles and has over 25 years of experience helping her clients achieve healthy, beautiful, glowing skin.

Renee shares some insight into her life and business, plus the importance of taking the bathroom sink ice challenge.

How did you start out in the business?
I was inspired by my grandmother, an exceptional woman who worked tirelessly in her own beauty salon. My grandmother’s passion and dedication to give her very best resonates with me to this very day. She was an entre

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Posted by 04.19.13

After laser resurfacing and peels, layering on acids and purging pores, your skin may be in need of some serious TLC. But because the outer layer has been disturbed to allow room for healthy, new cells to rise to the top, even something you may have used for years may cause a reaction. So if you are not careful, you can end up with little red bumps (dermatitis) or little white cysts (milia) from using the wrong aftercare product on your delicate post resurfaced skin. Using the wrong products or even too much of the right products can also cause serious complications and delay the healing process.

As a general rule, after most forms of laser resurfacing, you need to keep your skin moist

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RENEE ROULEAU – Celeb Esthetician

Posted by 12.13.09

Meet the Dallas Biker Beauty 

When she isn’t running her skin care company, you can find Renee Rouleau on her 2009 Harley Davidson Sportster, with the wind blowing through her blond hair – but not without slathering on her sunscreen first. A Texan gal who calls the countryside home but also spends time in her Dallas digs has has been helping women there and beyond to attain healthy, glowing, beautiful skin for more than 20 years. The entrepreneur also founded National Skin Care Awareness Month, which takes place every September, to promote the importance of caring for and protecting the skin. We love when beauty gives back! 


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