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Posted by 12.30.14

The future of dermatology just may be in your pocket. Perhaps indirectly linked to the advent of Obamacare sweeping the nation, a cool crop of modern skin diagnosing apps is changing the way we take care of our skin for the better.

For a nominal fee without all the endless paperwork, complex electronic medical records (EMR), and waiting times. In fact, you can get a prescription faxed to your local pharmacy within 48 hours to treat a nasty dermatitis, psoriasis outbreak, nail fungus, poison ivy, and many other common skin problems.  This new wave of dermatology apps promise that your medical data and personal details will be encrypted and transmitted securely to their doctors confident

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Posted by 11.08.12

Witch hazel may sound like a tonic straight out of your great grandfather’s medicine cabinet, but it is actually a potent astringent used in modern day beauty products. Its use dates back hundreds of years; in fact, Native North Americans taught the Puritans how to extract the plant derived remedy. Today, witch hazel is used for treating skin disorders like acne, psoriasis, insect bites, and poison ivy because of its naturally astringent and anti-inflammatory benefits. Found in everything from body lotion to eye cream, witch hazel is best for oily, combination, or problematic and temperamental skin.

Boscia Pore Purifying Strips ($15-28)

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