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Photo Credit: www.neutrogena.com

Posted by 02.03.12

Pink or white, grapefruit makes for a tasty morning wake-me-up as well as a familiar fat burner for the calorie conscious. But did you know that this bountiful citrus fruit is also a veritable beauty bonanza? Full of vitamin C, it can help ramp up collagen production to create a fuller, more youthful complexion. Grapefruit is also loaded with citric acid, which gives it its signature tangy taste, and is also a great skin exfoliator. Many people credit grapefruit extract for reducing cellulite and leaving skin soft. Oils from the grapefruit have a soothing effect, which is why we see it as a common ingredient in lotions, scrubs and creams.

February is National Grapefruit Month, so check ou

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Date: 06.22.09

NEUTROGENA OIL FREE ACNE WASH PINK GRAPEFRUIT FOAMING SCRUB – 2% Salicylic acid cleanser that really works to unclog pores and set your face free from blackheads. The fine little microbeads in this scrub slough away dead cells and dry patches from overdoing your acne medication. And the fresh tangy fruity scent of pink grapefruit makes this a real winner. Made from naturally derived grapefruit extract without the pulp for a fresh blast of citrusy goodness. Also try NEUTROGENA BODY CLEAR BODY WASH PINK GRAPEFRUIT. Great in the shower to stop breakouts on your back or chest, and so perfect for summertime.

FINAL VERDICT: GGI (Gotta Get It) – We LOVE this scrub and my skin does too.


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