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OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel

Photo Credit: skinstore.com

Posted by 11.13.10


My Dermatologist gave me Clinac O.C. Gel made by Ferndale Labs a little while ago and it worked perfectly to keep my breakouts under control. My skin was clear and even in oily prone areas (the usual T-zone) I could get through the day without a hitch. But I tried to renew my prescription when I used it up and to my horror - it had been discontinued!!  I was devastated - after finally finding a product like this that really worked brilliantly, it was taken away. So after an exhaustive search, I tried a few other brands that I was told would do the same thing - but the results were variable or they were too drying for me. I found OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel online and the reviews were amazing. It claims to work continuously for up to 8 hours to absorb oil, hence the significance of its name I suppose. It contains micro-particles that can permanently trap up to 6X their own volume in oil.  My skin is only mildly oily, more so in the summer and humidity, but this gel isn't drying and acts like a primer under foundation. I fact, my makeup stays in place much longer with O.C. Eight.  It is nothing short of PERFECTION!! The price is about $40 and you can probably get it for little less if you shop around. One tube will last forever because you don't need to use much or reapply during the day. It's a must - believe me.



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