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Posted by 03.23.14

At the age of 40, Karen Behnke had built a very successful career as a fitness and wellness entrepreneur, but when she happily became pregnant with her first child, her eyes were opened anew. The combination of hormonal changes and the emergence of signs of aging drove her to seek healthy skincare solutions that delivered visible results. She was astounded to learn that, although the skin absorbs over 60% of what is placed on it, there were very few available healthy personal care products that worked well. Relying on her executive expertise, she set out to change the beauty industry and Juice Beauty, “a clinically validated yet authentically organic beauty” line was born and i

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Posted by 01.17.11

Excerpted from www.mypureco.uk

Organic skin care trend ‘here to stay’

“Organic skin care is growing in popularity and “there is no question” that it is here to stay, according to one beauty expert.

Wendy Lewis, founder and editor-in-chief of Beauty In The Bag, said “organic, all natural [and] paraben-free claims” are increasingly being made by beauty brands as consumers take note of what is in the products they use every day.   Rather than making suggestions about which organic skin care products ladies should use, Ms Lewis said “when it comes to green beauty it’s a matter of what should not be in your beauty drawer – parabens, preservatives and other chemicals, dyes, and

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Smooth As (Almond) Butter: Kimberly Sayer Gentle Almond & Lavender Face Scrub

Date: 09.03.10


KIMBERLY SAYER OF LONDON –  In my experience, there aren’t many good options for gentle facial exfoliation. Products that really work either sting or leave my face feeling raw, while kinder, gentler products leave behind the flakes and roughness I was trying to get rid of in the first place. Needless to say I’m somewhat jaded when a product promising gentle facial exfoliation comes my way.

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