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Posted by 06.07.09

There is a collective sigh of relief among women who have learned to tame their curly hair, with a little help from the magical hands of Ouidad.  As a woman with curly hair, Ouidad  had a hunch about what was missing in the marketplace. A stylist, salon owner, author and educator, Ouidad  has spent the last 30 years earning a reputation as the “Queen of Curl.” 


What makes curly hair curly? 

The actual growth pattern is what makes hair curly; when the bulb lies to the side of the follicle the hair shaft grows out of the follicle at an acute angle transforming hair into curls.

Women always want what they don’t have

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Posted by 05.24.09


Yann Varin strives to transform your haircut into your Signature Style – a style that is totaly YOURS.  In French, ther term is “sur measure,” customized only for you. In order to create your Signature Style he follows the concept of Visagisme, the nature of your hair and, most importantly, what you think.  Visagisme means creating a cut and a color which compliments: the shape of your face, the line of you nose, the layout of your eyes, and your complexion.  With two low key salons on the upper east side, Yann caters to women and men in search of great looking hair without the attitude, fuss and frenzy of the big names in hair.

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Date: 03.27.09


KERASTASE NOCTOGENIST VOILE NUIT – Apparently I have a thing for expensive hair products, but this is another one I love.  It is an overnight treatment that you can spray into your hair.  It doesn’t leave any residue on your pillow, and you don’t need to wash it out.  That means that if your hair is clean and you don’t intend on washing the next day, you don’t need to.  I have tried many intensive hair treatments, and I hate having to walk around with a towel on my head for 60 – 90 minutes, and then try desperately to get the treatment out of my hair by having to over-shampoo. 

FINAL VERDICT – GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – If you want an easy way to really give your hair a boost – this treatment will do it.


Date: 03.26.09


GRAHAM WEBB DAILY STRENGTH CONDITIONER – As I have indicated in previous posts, I am addicted to Kerastase hair products.  I quite like this conditioner though.  The Kerastase conditioner I really like is in a tub, and a pain to use in the shower, or to transport while traveling.  That’s how I discovered this conditioner. It is nice and light and has great results.  I generally “pair it” with the Kerastase Bain Miroir Shampoo, but I am sure you would have great results with whatever shampoo you use. 

FINAL VERDICT – GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – Great conditioner that that will bend, but won’t break the bank.


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