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Date: 03.06.13

Olay is breaking out of its anti-aging box. The venerable brand has just introduced Fresh Effects, a skincare collection targeting the concerns of teens and busy 20-somethings: think shine control, pore patrol, and moisturizing protection. The youthful line relies on the same technological advances that we love about Olay, but is packaged in a user-friendly form far removed from “your mother’s Olay.” It features six cleansers and moisturizers to mix, match, and layer, allowing you to basically customize your routine.

Photo Credit: Olay.com

The collection even has its own cleansing gadget. Fresh Effects {Va-Va-Vivid} ($22.50) is a cleansing system that is designed to clean 400% better than basic cleaning. The battery-operated power brush is used in conjunction with the {Shine, Shine Go Away} Shine Minimizing Cleanser ($6.99) to get rid of dirt, oil, and makeup even in deep contours around your hairline, T-zone and nose. After one use, I could feel that my face looked cleaner and it thankfully lost it’s shine. The vibrating brush did take some getting used to, especially along sensitive parts like my nose. However, it requires half the normal amount of cleanser and gives you twice the results. Don’t be alarmed by the silver color of the cleanser! It purifies like a mask but with the power of a cleanser—giving you a clean and fresh feeling while also minimizing pores.

I also gave {Bead Me Up!} ($6.99), an exfoliating cleanser with microbeads a try. Unlike other exfoliators, this one was gentle on my sensitive skin and didn’t leave me looking splotchy or red. The foaming bubbles help to remove any trace or dirt or grime, and teamed up with the minimizing cleanser, my face felt extra clean, soft, and radiant.

After drying my face, I dabbed on {Long Live Moisture!} Satin Finish Lotion ($12.99). The lightweight gel-like lotion is great for oily skin and didn’t leave a trace of shine or grease. The satin finish was also something I wasn’t expecting. The lotion is said to hydrate for 24 hours but if you tend to be on the dry side you may need to apply two layers of the moisturizer. This is a great option for normal to oily skin. But if you’re like me, with dry/oil skin, you may need some extra hydration for the dry spots.

Photo Credit: Olay.com

I know that it’s important to wear sunscreen every day, but I have to admit, I don’t always wear it. However, I might finally pick up this good habit thanks to {BB Cream!} Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 15 ($14.99). The formula is lightweight and absorbs quickly without feeling heavy or shiny. Since it’s a BB cream, all of my blotches and skin imperfections disappeared after I applied the product. Be fair warned though: there is a hint of sunscreen scent since it has SPF so that can be distracting if you don’t really care to smell like summer in the dead of winter. I think having full coverage, sun protection, and flawless-looking skin without drying it out is worth it though. The BB Cream comes in two shades: Fair/Light and Light/Medium.

The collection also includes {S’Wipe Out} ($5.99) makeup removal clothes that are refreshing and effective even on waterproof mascara. Oil-free and pre-moistened, the cottony-soft pockets lift dirt and makeup away in a snap.

Overall, I really like this collection. It’s easy to use, my skin felt soft and radiant, and I can definitely mix and match products depending on my skin needs.


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