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Date: 01.14.10


Photo Credit: Sephora.com

By Guest Bag Lady Diane Essig

PETER THOMAS ROTH “LASHES TO DIE FOR” – PTR’s full line of clinical skin care products are well-known to spa-goers and viewers of the shopping networks. In addition to a full array of facial and body treatment formulations, PTR joined the “new and improved lashes” bandwagon about a year ago with “Lashes To Die For,” one of the many Latisse-wannabe formulations on the market with prostaglandin-like ingredients that promises to lengthen, thicken and darken sparse lashes.  But does this product deliver like Latisse? 

Having been the lucky recipient of a large raffle basket of PTR products (generously provided by FaceLogic Spa in Mt. Kisco, NY) at the “2009 Best of Westchester” event in July 2009, I was thrilled at my good fortune, but pushed all products aside when I saw the LTDF. I was ecstatic. Knowing what Latisse does for lashes, I hoped for the same results from the PTR wand. Diligently, I applied a thin line every evening (I am a master of compliance) to both upper eyelids and waited patiently for new growth. It took about two months to notice any visible difference, but the wait was worthwhile. I started to detect longer lashes and longer-lasting lashes; less fallout. The final reward came from one of my closest friends who at dinner noticed and asked what mascara I was using.

FINAL VERDICT – GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – If you have short lashes or lash fallout, this product does deliver on length and wear. It seems to extend the growth-rate of natural lashes. However, my lashes are neither darker nor thicker than before, just longer. The real benefit of this product–at least this tube–is its longevity. I started using the LTDF in August and five months later, I am just starting to reach the end of the tube. That works out to about $25/month. Not a bad price point when comparing it to prescription-based Latisse.



Date: 04.29.09


LASHFOOD EYELASH CONDITIONER What will they come up with next!!! Lashfood is awesome, its an eyelash conditioner that nourishes your lashes; the breakthrough formula used in LASHFOOD transforms dull lashes into thicker, darker, and stronger healthy looking lashes. The formula uses biotin, arginine (natural amino acids), and iris extract (a natural oriental medicine extract) to promote healthy lashes.  Its simple to use; all you do is apply the unique formula to your lashes nightly in the same way as you’d apply liquid eyeliner and expect results in 2-4 weeks!   Lashfood can be used to enhance both eyelashes and eyebrows.  The makers guarantee that theres no harsh chemicals and no irritation.

FINAL VERDICT: GGI (Gotta Get It) LASHFOOD is super cool and a product that truly gives off quick & stunning results… IF YOU NEED THEM. Enjoy your beauty and if you need an extra boost… Lashfood is here for you.


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