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Posted by 02.18.12

End fumbling around round your purse looking for makeup hiding at the bottom with the new Custom Artist Portfolio ($98) from Laura Mercier, available exclusively March through April 2012. With room for foundation, lip, eye and cheek color, plus brushes, the portfolio can be customized to hold all your favorite beauty essentials, keeping them fingertip ready.

The Custom Artist Portfolio features a rigid outer shell case wrapped in metallic, pewter, snakeskin embossed material. Four removable mesh cosmetic bags can keep all of your individual products safely organized. A pocket brush page holds all the necessary tools, while refillable 3-well and 6-well Custom Compacts are ready for the fil

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Posted by 11.08.11

You wouldn’t think of eating food past the expiration date, yet many women apply the same makeup for years. It’s unsanitary and bad for your delicate skin. “Cosmetics are made with organic materials so it’s important to clean out your makeup bag and cabinet regularly,” says Cindy Joseph, a former makeup artist and CEO of the cosmetics company BOOM! By Cindy Joseph. “Once the preservatives are past their potency, bacteria can grow creating possible infection – and natural makeup turns rancid even quicker. As a rule of thumb, if it smells funny or looks strange, toss it. Cleanliness plays a big part in your health which contributes to your beauty.

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