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Posted by 05.29.15

When my daughter Eden Lipke told me about these miracle foot peels from Korea that are all over Insta and Pinterest, I scoffed of course. Then she picked up two Kocostar Foot Therapy kits at Urban Outfitters for $8 bucks and we decided to give it a try.

This little cure for calluses comes in a mint green packet and is like a sheet mask for your feet. Open the packet to find a white plastic bag filled with a gooey clear gel. You open the bag and stick your tootsies in so the gel covers your whole foot from heel to toes and tape it in place. It is a makeshift occlusive dressing to cover the peel so it penetrates well. You need to put a sock over each foot to keep the bootie from falling off

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EAST MEETS WEST: Asian and Asian-Inspired Beauty Brands Blend Innovation and Tradition

Posted by 04.15.10

I remember when Shiseido cosmetics first came into my consciousness. After college, my friend Lauren, who was always much hipper than my shabby chic self, extolled the wonders of Shiseido foundation. My California-centric mind could wrap itself around makeup from France, but from Japan, I wasn’t so sure. That is until I tried Shiseido’s undereye concealer, a two-pan compact and the first makeup ever to successfully disguise the dark shadows that persisted no matter how many 12 hour sleep-a-thons I pulled off.

I rue the day that compact was discontinued, but even so my commitment to Shiseido hasn’t wavered. Unless you count expanded appreciation of all brands from the

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