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Posted by 07.19.12

Londoners are gearing up for the Olympics starting in the next few weeks. The stifling, stuffy underground and overcrowding is proving to be stressful even for the most level-headed BITB writer, but we have braved and barged the crowds to research the best in beauty news. For those that aren’t into sport or haven’t managed to bag themselves a ticket to one of THE events, there is plenty to get excited about on the London beauty scene. The BITB team has scoured the land for the best deals, limited editions and services dedicated to the London Olympics and here is our pick of the best but be warned, book early to avoid disappointment. And let the games begin…

Gold-Medal Faci

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Posted by 07.27.11

BITB’s London-based beauty writer, Kate Zadah shares her wedding day beauty bulletin.

Photo Credit: Joanna Wilkinson

My wedding day was of course the happiest day of my life so far and it was the biggest beauty-build up of my life too!

My Beauty Preparation

There was a lot of beauty prep before my big day.  I had read the beauty pages of magazines and websites and blogs for months beforehand and one thing was sure, there seemed to be a lot of treatments and grooming to get sorted before my wedding day. Hair, nails, skin, brows etc etc.


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IT’S A DOG’S WORLD – Harrod’s Opens The Pet Spa

Posted by 11.10.10

Adding to the uber decadence of the Egyptian Room of precious jewels, HARROD’S has opened The Pet Spa on the fourth floor for Man’s BFF.

The Pet Spa pampers pets of fur, fins and feathers and then some with pure relaxation and luxury – the stuff that dreams are made of. Grooming services, nutritional guidance, aromatherapy (and they don’t mean bacon!) and specialist spa therapies will keep your royal hound or Cheshire cat happy while you shop til you drop or pop into Harrod’s Urban Retreat for a blowout or mani/pedi. Private counselling and training can be arranged for pets in need of a little attitude adjustment.  The Pet Spa offers a wide range of haute couture treats t

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