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K-PAK Reconstrx Vapor Iron

Photo Credit: Joico

Posted by 02.16.11

PRODUCT: K-PAK Reconstrx Vapor Iron

My hair can handle a lot of abuse. Or so I thought. After recently getting my hair colored, my boyfriend commented that the color looked great, but my hair looked very dry. And he was right – regular color and heat styling have taken a toll, leaving my ends brittle, dry and split. I can’t live without my flat iron – admittedly the source of much of the damage – so I jumped at the opportunity to try the K-PAK Reconstrx Vapor Iron ($159.95) from Joico, dubbed the first iron that reconstructs hair as it styles.

Claimed to decrease hair breakage by more than 40% and reduce color loss due to shampooing and thermal styling by 33.5%, the Vapor Iron is designed to reconstruct hair from the cuticle to the cortex. And I have to admit, the Vapor Iron visibly enhanced the condition of my hair. After a week’s use, it left my locks less dry and damaged.

Basically a steam iron, the Vapor Iron’s secret weapon is Vapor Fuel, the special solution used as the liquid in the steam. Vapor Fuel contains a blend of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, botanical moisturizers and featherweight silicones, which protect hair against free radicals, restore shine, hydrate and lock in moisture and seal the cuticle to eliminate frizz. With a healthier cuticle, color molecules reportedly stay in the hair longer.

The iron is compact and the controls almost hidden – but easily accessible after a few minutes of study. I never used a steam iron on my hair before and it took me a few minutes to adjust to the process. It is quite easy. The iron is sold with a small bottle of Vapor Fuel, which can be replenished for about $18. That is the Vapor Iron’s one caveat – it must be used with Vapor Fuel – which will have to be purchased regularly. But ultimately it is worth it. I’m a convert and will be tossing my other irons.


Would you buy it again? YES

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