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Date: 03.25.09


LUSH HANDMADE COSMETICS CINNAMON SOLID SHAMPOO – I was positively intrigued by the idea of solid bar shampoo – TSA friendly and  packability are definite advantages. But, and it’s a big one, if you want to wash your hair with a big fire engine red slab that looks vaguely like a hockey puck, this is the stuff for you!  It has an aroma sort of  like a Christmas tree ornament Martha Stewart would make from her garden with cinnamon and cloves.  It lathers up in your hands and then you put it on your scalp to get your hair clean.  This product is supposed to stimulate follicles to grow hair on challenged scalps. If you like the concept of bar shampoo, LUSH has 14 other varieties for you; including best sellers Karma Komba (citrus and patchouli) which is a big Kermit green disk, and Godiva (jasmine) resembling a funky looking bright yellow mushroom cap. If you are a child of the 60s, this brand will find a place in your heart. It’s 100% vegetarian, all natural ingredients, hand made, from Canada (where draft dodgers went into hiding) and never tested on animals. It’s the kind of product range that could have been dreamed up by someone who dropped a lot of acid at Woodstock.

FINAL VERDICT – ICW (IT CAN WAIT) – Takes a lot of getting used to. It feels counter intuitive to wash your hair with a bar of shampoo. Benefits are that it lasts forever for about $9 and you can get your own Lush puck tin for another $5 to carry it with you. But it’s inelegant, chunky and clumsy, slips easily out of your hands in the shower, looks home made, and that smell…You will either love or hate it.


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